28 Realistic Father’s Day Gift Ideas In Worcester

If you haven’t given up already, we all know the trials and tribulations of attempting to plan what to get Dad for Father’s Day. No matter how many times you ask him, or however many ideas you bring to the table, getting a straight answer from Dad is like getting the remote control during the Fifa World Cup Final! The answers you do tend to get are; can I have a Bentley; or a round the world trip; or a bigger house; perhaps a 70 inch TV; nice one Dad, always keeping it ‘real’.

But this Father’s Day, we’ve decided to take the responsibly off Dad’s shoulders with 30 realistic, but fantastic, Father’s Day gift ideas. Here goes:

  1. Take your mum out for the day and leave Dad at home with the remote
  2. Wander on down to the local pub garden and buy him a nice cold beer
  3. Pull out the lycra (or not) and attempt a bike ride (choosing a route which ends at a pub is always recommended)
  4. Beer tasting at a local brewery
  5. Buy him top of the range headphones to block out any unwanted noise while the football is on. These Form 2I from Bang & Olufsen not only sound great but look good too.
  6. Take him to the beach (ensure you pack him a can of cold beer to avoid disappointment)
  7. Go anywhere which doesn’t involve him having to drive (because Dad’s deserve a cool alcoholic beverage or three on Father’s Day)
  8. Try not to let Mum take over the day, even if it means having to buy her a Jane Austin novel and lock her in her bedroom
  9. On the other hand, leave Mum to do the dishes and tell Dad that you’ve planned everything so well that all you need to do is spend quality time with him (thanks Mum)
  10. Don’t mention Mother’s Day or work as these do not exist while Father’s Day celebrations are in full swing
  11. Gift him a bag of Mr Porky’s pork scratchings – beers greatest side kick!
  12. Look up some local events and get him involved (Our Father’s Day BBQ perhaps)
  13. Alternatively, why not get the BBQ on at home (supply lots of ribs and relish)
  14. Give him a short but meaningful hug (ensure this is not during the football)
  15. Invite your uncles around (the ones he likes) and let them talk about Dad-like things such as motorbikes, sports cars and rock music
  16. Ensure no aunties are present or small children which aren’t his own
  17. Cook him a beef roast with all the trimmings – maybe even stretch to getting him a bottle of red wine to break up the beers
  18. Run a happy hour where every few hours you get to give him one of his favourite things, i.e. Liquorice Allsorts, Chocolate Brazil nuts, a new pair of ridiculous slippers, etc.
  19. Send him on an experience day such a F1 car driving, learning to fly course or just another beer tasting…
  20. An Xbox game which he can place next to the other games, still in their packaging from Christmas and birthdays
  21. A set of barbeque utensils for when he wants to interfere with idea number 13
  22. Drag him along to a local food/drink festival or even drag him more further afield to a cider or beer festival (ahoy!)
  23. Take him camping
  24. Mow the lawn (one less thing for him to do)
  25. Buy a paddling pool, some rubber ducks and plonk his feet in there! If the sun is shining, there’s unlikely to be any denying that this is great idea
  26. Transform the garden into a football pitch and participate in an epic penalty shoot-off
  27. Take him to a local gig of his favourite artist to help him rekindle his earlier life (pre-kids)
  28. Finally… Give Dad some much needed peace and quiet!