A Novice’s Guide to Golf

For those of you wanting to brush up on your swing and score big points with dad this Father’s Day

Golf is a game that requires an array of skills. In this Novice’s Guide to Golf you will learn the poise to hit those long powerful drives, the techniques to strike your irons just right, the deft touches around the greens, and gain the mental strength to focus on finally beating your Pa’s handicap. Bank House offers more than just incredible food and luxurious accommodation. We are one of the most unique hotels in Worcester boasting our own ‘Florida style’ golf course with 14 lakes and 2 challenging greens. So jump in a buggy and bring him – and your ‘A’ game – along for some unforgettable golf in Worcester.

If you’re a novice wanting to pick up the basics – our Bransford Golf Club is the perfect green to spend the day learning and bonding with dad. Enjoy a fun afternoon of a putt and a pint with our Father’s Day  golf day packages. If you have the drive to better your practice and show off your skills this Father’s Day, here at Bransford golf in Worcester, we have 2 PGA trained Golf Professionals who offer tuition 7 days a week. With our professional and personable golf tuition, get into the swing of of things and have your dad dusting the cobwebs off his clubs before venturing out onto the gorgeous greens of our unique course.

But before we get our golf shoes on, let’s tee off with our first lesson:

Driving Off the Tee

Let’s start right at the beginning – the address. Driving the golf ball off the tee requires some basics at the address that are very import to embed into your muscle memory as a novice. Your feet should be a fraction wider than shoulder width apart and your spine should lean a little away from the target. This will set your shoulders on an upward angle, which is ideal for creating the upward strike you are looking for.

In this initial stance, ensure that whilst your core muscles are engaged, your hands and arms are relaxed. Set the ball forwards in your stance – just inside your left heel, to help you strike without leaning back through impact. Keep your grip pressure light and your forearms not too tense, and make that first free-flowing swing.

The Basics of Pitching

Now that we are a little closer to the green we can start pitching. This is all about control, so gripping further down the handle will sacrifice the width and speed for that all important discipline.

Your stance should be ever so slightly narrower than for a full driving shot, with you putting more weight on the front foot. This will discourage too much weight transfer and will create a slightly more descending blow, with a steeper angle, to put a little more spin on the ball to reduce the amount of roll as it lands. Remember, we want just enough power to land it on the sweet spot of the green, and enough backspin that it won’t roll right off it…

The Perfect Position to Putt

Now we are on the green we need to get you in the hole on par. You want to make contact with the ball slightly on the upstroke. Help to ensure success by positioning the ball inline with your left eye and checking your eye lines up with the golf ball. This is the ideal position for you.

From this position, the bottom of the arc of the putter will come as it passes your sternum and will begin to rise just as it makes contact with the ball. This will help to ensure the ball rolls out smoothly as a precise shot to the hole at any puttable distance.

If you want to become a golfing guru at the same time as enjoying an unforgettable Father’s Day, then take a look at our great list of Golf Days and  Golf Breaks. Alternatively, if you feel like you and your Dad would want to bond all year round then why not gift him with the ultimate Father’s Day treat and sign up to become members at our beautifully unique Florida style course and enjoy playing the best golf in Worcester together, all year round.

For further information on all our offers, course and memberships, please call the Clubhouse on 01886 833545 or email us.

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