Do you know how to have an efficient meeting?

Are your meetings running over? Are too many people attending, but not getting enough done? The team here at the Bank House can help. When it comes to meeting rooms, Worcester is the perfect place to host thanks to our convenient location and expert understanding. Read on for three of our top tips on how to host an efficient meeting.

When is a meeting, not a meeting?

All too often, businesses hear the same complaint from employees: “Our meetings are counterproductive and a complete waste of time!” But there is a way to combat this. Making a simple change such as calling your meeting by another name can have a massive impact on productivity and work towards maintaining efficiency. Next time you get everyone together, break out of the office and call your meeting a gathering, catch-up, away day or think tank – you’ll soon notice a difference. Better still, ask your staff what name they prefer then take it to a vote and use that term in future. Make sure all of your think tanks have an agenda – but call it your to-do list. Keeping things light and informal can also help keep people’s attention.

Capture their attention

What goes hand in hand with attention? Engagement. For your team and colleagues to feel engaged, it’s vital that the atmosphere for your meeting is supportive and relaxing. That’s why our spaces range in size from intimate boardrooms that are perfect for meetings of 2 to 20 people, up to expansive suites that can hold as many as 500 delegates – perfect for a regional conference or event. The flexibility of our spaces is just one reason why we offer some of the most engaging Conference venues in Worcester. We know that if a space is too large or small, your team will become restless and lose focus. Once you have chosen a suitable space, you can also employ the 2 of 3 rule; everyone involved in your meeting can only attend if they are involved in at least 2 of the 3 items on your list to address. If everyone feels part of the team and useful, no one will zone out and reach for their phone or emails.

Make your tech work harder

Technology can be a blessing and a curse for attention spans, so use it wisely. Ban all mobile phones from your meeting – we recommend putting them in a tray out of reach until it is time for a break. When utilised, tech can help deliver your message, drive engagement and keep ideas and opinions flowing. The Bank House offers fast Wi-Fi connections, multiple power outlets and additional facilities such as audio-visual equipment, projectors or whiteboards. No one’s iPad will run out of battery on our watch! If someone has a presentation, why not try giving all attending a device to follow on, or email/ USB it to their laptops so they don’t have to stare at a projection? Think about new and exciting ways to implement tech into your meeting and you will find that more people want to attend.

Let us take care of your business needs. You’re welcome to find out more about our day delegate and 24-hour delegate packages.

To find out more about our  meeting rooms, Worcester or anything else, contact a member of the team today.

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