Get fit ahead of this year’s festive season

Read our top tips on how to trim that tum before the year is out

Although Christmas is that time of year where we tend to indulge in a little more food and drink than usual, read on for our advice on how to avoid piling on the festive pounds ahead of the Christmas period.

Cut Back on Carbs

You are about to indulge in roast dinners and puddings aplenty, so perhaps lay off them in the lead up to the 25th. We’re not saying skip them altogether – just cut down a little to avoid feeling bloated in your party dress!

Invest in a Personal Trainer

Christmas doesn’t really go hand in hand with discipline, which is why having somebody there to make sure you get up and train on those dark mornings will make all the difference to your waistline. Some PTs, like Jeremy at Bank House, will also provide you with nutritional advice and an action plan, making things much easier to manage.

Bag yourself a membership

Come January, gyms across the UK will be teeming with new talent, so it’s best to get ahead of the game in order to avoid jam-packed facilities. Join our Worcester gym and enjoy guilt-free dining throughout December.

Move your body!

Christmas is a time for family and friends, so choose to partake in activities together that require movement such as ice skating or winter walks rather than sitting playing Scrabble or tucked up in front of Home Alone – however tempting that might be!

You booze, you lose

Over-indulging on alcohol during the party season will make you feel sluggish and so dehydrated that workouts become much more difficult. Keep track of how much you’re drinking and never be afraid to put your hand over your glass at a party if you’ve had enough.

Make better choices

With bowls of crisps and boxes of Quality Street floating around, it’s so easy to overindulge without even realising you’re doing it. Invest in health(ier!) snacks, such as pretzels, unsalted nuts and satsumas ahead of the big day to stop yourself from eating all of the wrong things just because they’re right in front of you.

Stay Hydrated

Between Bucks Fizz, mulled wine and Bailey’s, you’ll forget to sip on the good stuff. Drinking 2 litres of water per day will ensure that you are hydrated, alert for exercise and will prevent you from over eating!

Do not feel the pressure to overindulge this Christmas, no matter what the TV adverts tell you. You can still have a great time and get involved in the festive fun without going overboard on snacks and staying in your pyjamas for days on end.

Get ahead with our SpaFitness Winter Escape

If you feel like you need a little jump start, head to Bank House Hotel & Spa for our SpaFitness Winter Escape and enjoy a perfect combination of wellness activities, fitness exercises and nutritional guidance in a luxury setting. With 1:1 sessions with our resident PT, interactive food demos and optional activities throughout the weekend, tailor your jump start to suit your needs and go at your own pace in order to get yourself fit ahead of the festive season.

Visit us at Bank House, home to one of the finest gyms in Worcester, for advice, support and the best facilities around.

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