Head into the New Year with Our Health & Beauty Resolutions You Can Stick To

Prioritise your health in 2017 with these manageable resolutions from the experts at one of the finest spa hotels in Worcestershire

With each new year comes a burning desire to better yourself. After a month of non-stop partying and indulging in festive foods, try sticking to these health and beauty resolutions for an energised start to 2017.

Stay Hydrated

We know you have probably heard it a hundred times before but it is so important to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Not only will it flatten your wrinkles but it will also keep you feeling fresh and alert throughout the day.

Follow a Skincare Regime

Cleanse, tone and moisturise every single day for a fresher, more even skin tone.

Get Lots of Beauty Sleep

You should be getting at least eight hours of slumber every evening. If you don’t, it will show on your face, as well as your productivity levels the following day. In fact, studies have shown that reduced levels of sleep can also slow your metabolism making you feel sluggish.

Eat Well

Although you have probably been stocking up on mine pies and mulled wine for the past few weeks, it’s time to ditch the rich foods and stock up on lots of fruit, vegetables and varied proteins to ensure your body is reaping the rewards of a healthy, balanced diet.

Schedule ‘No Make Up Days’

Although it is tempting to pile on the makeup when you are feeling a little under the weather or on those early mornings in the depths of winter, it’s important to allow your skin to breathe. A day of zero meetings lined up? Able to work from home? Ditch the foundation for some moisturiser and your face will thank you for it in the long run.

Wear SPF

Yes, even in the depths of winter it is important to protect your face from harmful UV rays in order to prevent long term skin damage and unwanted wrinkles. Luckily, most good quality face cream and foundation comes with SPF included these days.

Clean Makeup Brushes Regularly

Lots of people neglect their makeup brushes, even when they are using them on a daily basis. The bristles on these brushes tend to collet bacteria from your face, so not cleaning them will only lead to spreading bacteria and an influx of spots.

Check Use by Dates on Products

Most beauty products will have small print on the packaging which tells you how long you have left to use your product. Make sure you keep tabs on time to avoid doing more harm to your face than good.

So there we have it. Some health and beauty resolutions to kick off 2017.

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