New Year New You – How to Destress in January

The festive season has flown by and we have to say it’s left us in quite a flurry. All the anticipation and good times can sometimes leave us feeling a little flat and longing for some R&R come the New Year. Well, we’ve got just the thing – we believe we have the warmest welcome out of all the Worcester hotels.

Home to the ever-popular Malvern View Spa, our Spa Team know all about the importance of self-care. They’ve rounded up their favourite treatments to help see you into 2019 with a new-found glow. You can always rely on our spa hotel; Worcester is one of the most idyllic places for a break away from it all.

Glorious Mud

It’s inevitable that Christmas invites more indulgence than usual and as a result you may be left feeling a little more heavy and congested. Our Glorious Mud wrap uses the deep cleaning extraction benefits of mud and incorporates lymphatic brushing. Our goal is to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Complete with a face and scalp massage, this heavenly treatment is a sure-fire way to get you feeling and looking good so you can enter the New Year with an extra helping of confidence.

Drift Away

Formulated with a beautiful blend of essential oils our Drift Away massage is the ideal way to loosen up any tension you might be feeling. Drift away for a moment or two – forget about that resolution list the length of your arm or that diet that you’re struggling to stick to. This full body and scalp massage is the perfect way to unwind when you need it most.

My Kinda Skin

Your skin may not be the first thing you think about when your routine has slipped but after a while it will become one of the key indicators of over indulgence. It’s at this point that you may be inclined to seek some expert know-how. Our experienced Spa Team are at your beck and call to provide you with a tailored service, designed specifically for your skin type. Let us prescribe you a facial that will work for you – using our lymph drainage techniques you can enjoy a smoother, less puffy complexion after your treatment. Complete with a scalp, hand and arm massage; My Kinda Skin will leave you radiant and ready to take on the New Year with confidence.

The Serious Detox

And last but certainly not least – our most recommended treatment would of course be The Serious Detox, designed to get rid of any unwanted toxins in your body. Commencing with a whole-body exfoliation, this detox works to lift dead skin from your skin’s surface – making way for a new, more glowing you. We work on the hips, thighs and abs using a deep massage, followed by a marine and earth mud wrap and finishing with a soul-soothing massage. What’s more, we will include a Temple Spa detox plan to help you keep in shape.

When it comes to Worcester hotels, the Bank House stands out thanks to our unique spa. Visit our website to find out more or call us on 01886 833 551.

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