Office Christmas Party Rules

The Bank House is one of a select few Worcester hotels that prominent businesses love to host meetings at, and come Christmastime, celebrate in. Read on for our Christmas Party Rules – some may be tongue in cheek, but they’re worth remembering…


The Christmas Do is the one time of the year that you can let your hair down with your colleagues. If you RSVP, it goes without saying that you should turn up. The organiser needs to know numbers, and Christmas parties are a gift from your company – they should never be expected. It’s normal to have anxiety about spending time with the team outside of the office, but once you are there you can enjoy the atmosphere. Christmas parties are a great opportunity to show your commitment and can give you the chance to get to know colleagues from other departments personally. Have another event on the same night? Prioritise the work one and don’t run off early.

Dress Code

Unsure if the party is themed? Don’t want to embarrass yourself? If in doubt, overdress. There’s nothing worse than looking too informal or turning up in a Christmas jumper, when everyone else is dressed to the nines in black tie. Check the dress code with your colleagues or organiser beforehand and if you’re really worried, stash that garish Christmas jumper and reindeer hat in your bag as a backup.

Enjoy yourself

Tis the season to be jolly – that means no complaining, no gossiping and certainly no scheming! Christmas parties are a time to come together and celebrate the upcoming break and the year’s successes – they’re not an opportunity for you to vent and moan about everything wrong with your team. Make a conscious effort to mingle with people outside of your usual crew, and network within your own business. You could make a new friend or ally but be conscious that you don’t keep people talking for extended periods of time – it may be a work event, but it’s not a meeting and they want to have fun too! Keep your conversation light; by all means chat to your boss about your kids but avoid bringing up old jobs or bad experiences as you don’t want to bring down the mood! Drink slowly – Tina from accounts might be waiting in the wings to top up your glass, but there is no rush. No one wants to be the one passing out in the toilet, kissing a co-worker, making salary promises they can’t keep or being sent home in a taxi. Don’t miss the party!

Dancing and Social Media

Show off your love for music sure – but don’t start throwing shapes that can come back and haunt you. No slow dancing and certainly no iconic dance move recreations. You’re with colleagues first and friends second, so be careful if you’re going to upload or comment on pictures that relate to the party – if you can’t hold your tongue (or your drink!) leave your phone in the hotel room. Ready to post on social media the next day? Double check with all involved that they’re happy for the picture to be shared.

Be Considerate and Appreciative

You haven’t had to pay for anything, and you’ve had a lovely meal, drinks and some time on the dancefloor. Don’t forget to thank the organiser, not just your boss or lead at the company. Organising a party of this size is no easy task – with the RSVPs, budget, dietary requirements, room allocation and a whole host more to consider, your boss may sign the cheque but there’s always one person who has done a lot of leg work to make it happen so make sure they aren’t forgotten. If you’re staying in a hotel, be considerate of other guests and staff. Chances are your boss likes the venue enough that you’ve been there before or will bring your business there again. Don’t let yourself become a ‘Remember when…’ story!

Location and Relaxation

Our hotel in Worcester offers a convenient location for your Christmas do – not forgetting beautiful views of the Malvern hills. We still have availability for our Party Nights on the 21st and 22nd December, perfect for if you break up late for Christmas.  With prices starting at only £29.95 per person, you can stretch the budget to bring the whole company! We are delighted to offer a special stopover rate for Christmas party attendees; stay in a single room for £60 bed and breakfast, or £80 for double or twins. We’re sure our spa will entice your employees… Find out more in our Christmas brochure.

Too busy to party in December? Join us in January for a belated festive or New Year celebration at our Bavarian Bash.  

Want to celebrate at one of the best Worcester hotels this festive season? The Bank House is your logical choice. Contact us for more information.

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