Top Tips for Flawless Skin and Heavenly Hair

Top Beauty Tips from Therapists at Malvern View Spa

Here at Bank House, we appreciate the joy of indulging in a treatment or two every once in a while and, of course, invite you to enjoy the Temple Spa treatments available at our luxury hotel in Worcester. On those in between days, however, follow these everyday beauty tips and rituals, written by our very own spa therapists, to ensure you are always looking, and feeling, your very best.


Beauty, quite literally, starts from within, so drink plenty of water, get lots of sleep and make sure you exercise regularly to maintain a youthful complexion and glow. Ensure that you hydrate your skin daily with a good moisturiser, using upward strokes to give your skin a lift. In the summer months, it is worth noting antihistamines in allergy medicines can dry out the skin, so skip the heavy foundation and stick to a tinted moisturiser instead. Or, of course, come and enjoy a facial every four-six weeks to really treat your skin to the attention it deserves. Facials are wonderful boosts for the skin, but a great home care three step routine is vital to healthy skin.


A good hair day can change your mood, so avoid colour fade by using a leave-in conditioning treatment at least once a month and rinse with cold water to close hair cuticles. Use a sulphate-free shampoo to avoid being too harsh on your hair.


Freshly polished finger nails can make a woman on any budget look pulled together. Keep your nails short and store your favourite shades in the fridge to stop them from drying up. Also, the more hydrated the cuticle, the stronger the nail, so be sure to use any excess eye cream on them as a little treat. ‘In the Beginning’ (cleanser) as a cuticle treatment will help this, as is used in our manicure and pedicures.

Make Up

Once you have prepped your skin, it is important to prime it before applying your everyday make up, making sure you regularly clean your make up brushes to avoid break outs!

For a natural make-up look, apply radiance booster under a light weight foundation.

On those mornings where you need a little pick me up, use a rosy blush on the cheeks, allowing two fingers from your nose to start the brush strokes and wear a nude liner on your liquid line to combat tired eyes.

Of course, always, always, always remove your make up before bed using a muslin cloth and a cream cleanser, rather than a gel.

Toner is an emollient.  It attracts moisture from the air, prepares the skin for moisturiser and is a ‘drink’ for the skin.  Lots of people do not know the importance of a toner and skip this from their daily routine.


Bronzed skin is a good way to give your face and body a lift, but to avoid streaky limbs and tangerine hands, be sure to exfoliate – which doesn’t have to be expensive; just add sugar to olive oil or coconut oil and scrub away! Also, however tempting, do not moisturise all over your body before applying your tan as creams and lotions can act as barriers to the formula, causing an uneven result. Always put cream on dry areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet to give a flawless natural tan.

Finally – ensure you stick with any new beauty purchases for at least three months, to allow them the time to take effect and don’t fret about splashing the cash on products that really work or are important to you!

For those extra special days or to treat someone close to you, choose Malvern View Spa.

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