One of the Finest Gyms in Worcester

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Our Gym has a selection of the latest equipment and includes an elliptical trainer, treadmill, upright cycle, multi-use functional trainer, free weights and exercise mats.

We are delighted to have teamed up with Jeremy Drew from Spa Fitness to offer bespoke Fitness Plans and Personal Training Sessions for Spa Members in our Gym.


Meet Our Trainer

My name is Jem Drew and I am an approachable and friendly qualified Personal Trainer, Water-ski Coach and family man with a wealth of experience. From training top athletes to working with older adults wanting to get fit again, I guide people to work out their personal goals and then help them to achieve them!

At 49, I have a much clearer focus on health and well-being, which is now central to what I do. My passion is to help all working age professionals who have simply lost the time, energy or enthusiasm to get back into fitness. I want to encourage them to re-establish control over their own health and well-being outcomes once again!

Offering PT sessions on a one to one basis, with sessions lasting between 3060 minutes, clients can either pay as they go or book sessions on a block basis. As well as practical sessions, I also advise clients on their nutrition, which can be added as an optional extra.

If you are ever feeling down about your physical health and want to get back on track, just remember that body changes are simply ‘just what happens’. The important thing to do is find a way to turn it around.

Visit Spa Fitness to find out more about private sessions and nutritional guidance at Bank House.